Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Boston

Well the day ahas arrived at last. I still remember the day when I came up with this idea to travel through America, or at least a section of it. It is a whole continent almost! It was a grey November day, the weather being much the same as that outside the window of the hostel myself and Donal are staying in right now. Apparently the weather is due to stay like this till we leave this city. And Donal was just saying on the plane how it would be and achievement if we were to get five weeks of rain...did he speak too soon?!

The flight over was fine, we flew in one of the new Aer Lingus A330-300's, St Munchin and it had TV's in the headrests with a remote control so you could flick through about 20 different films, picking and choosing when you wanted to see them and pausing them and all. There was music and games on it and all, it was very good. The food on the flight wasn't bad either it must be said. After arriving at the airport though we queued to go through the exit gate only for Donal to be subject to a random interview and search - just luck. They pulled him aside and asked questions and half heartedly looked in his bag and he said that it actually turned out that the guy was a parartrooper and they got chatting when he saw his D-Day book upon searching his hand luggage!

We took the "T", subway, to the hostel from the airport which was no hassle at all really but we did have to walk a little although not so much that it was a big deal. The hostel is in Everett, outside the centre of Boston and its nice to be a real part of America - I mean, our neighbours live in wooden houses and there's a giant Best Buy store down the road as well. It could only be more American if there were flags flying on the lawns and yes indeed the Star Spangled Banner is flying from a few of them. Yes I did say lawns!

The hostel is fine, clean and basic but it has web access (as proven by this!) and you can be in the centre iof Boston in less then half an hour by combing the bus with the subway, easy. In fact that is just what is about to happen as we need to go and eat.

And so the journey begins. Keep an eye on this site as it progresses to see how we're getting on.

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